Sponsorship Scheme Guidelines


Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.) Sponsorship Scheme

 This program is a response to the need for small projects to stimulate arts and cultural activity across Moira communities.

Sponsorship of up to a maximum of $2,000 are available to support local artists and arts and cultural organisations to work in their communities on projects that contribute to community capacity building.

Sponsorship of $200 for awards at exhibitions.


This Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.) sponsorship scheme is a response to the expressed need for Moira communities to deliver small, locally relevant Arts and Cultural projects to build their communities capacity.

This program will meet the needs over the coming months that other arts funding programs cannot due to timelines and other eligibility requirements. It will not be able to cover all arts related projects but will inject funds into many that may not otherwise have support.

The sponsorship guidelines and application form will assist applicants in applying for support under the Moira Arts and Culture Inc. Sponsorship Scheme.

 What does Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.) Sponsorship Scheme fund?


• Encourage and support sustainable cultural development in regional, remote communities.

• Support local artists, Arts and Cultural organisations to work within their communities on arts and cultural community capacity building projects.

• Prompt sustainable economic and social development activity through local projectsand events.

• Nurture, embrace and stimulate arts and cultural activity.

• Increase arts and cultural skill development initiatives for individuals and organisations in regional and remote communities with a particular focus on youth, disadvantaged, Indigenous and / or isolated communities.

 What will the Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.) Sponsorship Scheme support?

 • Local artists and arts and cultural organisations across all art forms from Moira communities on arts and cultural projects that contribute to their communities capacity.

• Small-scale projects and events in the short term.

• Pilot projects or seed funding for larger scale, long term projects.

 What will not be funded?

 • Administration costs of an organisation, as opposed to direct costs of a project.

• Heritage projects such as conservation or signage at a heritage building or site.

• Infrastructure projects and projects involving the purchase of assets (e.g.: building purchase, renovation or maintenance, purchase of computers).

• Government owned organisations.

• Curriculum based activities in schools, or courses of ongoing education and training in government or private institutions in Australia or overseas, academic activity, including wages or course work that is required as part of any academic program.

• Projects that have commenced or been completed prior to approval of grant..

 Who can apply?

 • Individuals and organisations from Moira Shire communities.

• Applicants need to have an ABN or nominate an organisation that will auspice and administer the grant. (Auspicing bodies such as community houses, service organisations, not for profit incorporations etc.).

 How to apply

The Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.). sponsorship is intended for local artists, organisations and communities from Moira Shire areas. Once the application is received, a decision will be made and the applicant notified. It is essential you check the Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.). Sponsorship objectives and your eligibility before applying.

 Planning your application

 1. Read the guidelines carefully.

2. Answer all questions on the application form. The answers help to form the picture of

your project, how much support it has in the community, who might benefit from the

project and what the likely outcomes might be.

3. Consider the following points as a guide to writing about your project details:

 What is the project?

This information could include:

• How the project contributes to your community

• The artistic and cultural objectives of the project

• Where and when the project will take place

• The outcomes of the project, including any social or economic impacts

Who will be involved in the project?

This information could include:

• Who are the artists and coordinators?

• Who will participate in the project and how?

• Is there any support from other organisations or agencies (e.g. Service clubs,

Regional authorities or businesses)?

 How will the project be achieved and managed?

This information could include:

• Timeframe, including anticipated start and finish dates and key dates in between

• How the project will be implemented, including promotion and community


• How the project will be evaluated in terms of outcomes and benefits

• How the project will be documented and in what form/s it will be available

 4. Make sure the budget balances and you have included all the costs (including in-kind)

 Post application to:

 Moira Arts & Culture Inc.

P.O. Box 109

Cobram  Vic  3644

 Or email to:


 If you are successful

 Acknowledgement of Moira Arts and Culture Inc. (MAC Inc.) Logo is included on all promotional material, on the project / service, plaque, press coverage, acknowledging Moira Arts and Culture Inc. contribution.

A Completion Report (Acquittal) will be required within 10 weeks of the completion of the project.

The Completion report requests information regarding the process, the outcomes of the project, the financial results and any relevant documentation. Digital photographs or prints of your project at various stages are very useful.

Your quality information is extremely useful to Moira Arts and Culture Inc. to show how the sponsorship can continue to develop arts and culture in regional communities. We use this information, and the images you provide, as part of our continual reporting and evaluation.

Previous recipients include:

Cobram Community Cinema.
Moira Shire Seniors Week Festival
Cactus Country
Movies at Numurkah
U3A Nathalia
Finley & District Camera Club
Katamatite Lions School Mural Project
Katamatite Community Plan Inc. Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show
Strathmerton Community Plan Inc. Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show
Festival of 1000 Voices
Numurkah Foodbowl Festival
Across the Arts Yarrawonga Photographic Exhibition.
Cobram Rotary Big Band Concert
Numurkah Rotary Arts & Craft Exhibition
Nathalia Rotary Art Show.
Cobram A & P Society
Yarrawonga A & P Society
Nathalia Agricultural Society
Numurkah A & P Society
Nathalia Lions New Years Eve Carnival
Numurkah Secondary College Reconciliation Day
Numurkah Pioneer Lodge “Sing Out Loud”.
Moira Shire Refugee Week photographic Exhibition.
Moira Shire Harmony Day 2016
Moira Shire Pop Up Cinema.
Strathmerton Community Steering Committee “The Charge of Beersheba”.
Cobram Cemetery Trust
Art in Nathalia
Nathalia Secondary College,
St Mary of the Angels Secondary College
Numurkah Secondary College
Cobram Secondary College
Cobram Anglican Grammar
Yarrawonga Secondary College
Glenvale School Nathalia
Sacred Heart College Yarrawonga