In 2011, Moira Shire Council, as part of its ongoing commitment to community building, through the protection and enhancement of the arts and culture sectors across the Shire, pledged to appoint a full-time Arts Culture Officer to its staff.

In December 2011, in accordance with its strategic goal to work together to strengthen our communities, Council engaged an officer specifically to identify and develop opportunities for arts and culture programs, events and tourism across Moira Shire. One of these opportunities was the need to form an Arts and Culture Board.

In November 2013, Moira Shire adopted a proposal from Arts and Culture Officer Marilyn Gourley to fund the Arts and Culture Board. The Moira Shire Arts and Culture Board is a not for profit incorporated association, has its own governance structure and terms of reference, and uses a skill based decision making process.

Whilst operating independently from council, the board has high levels of accountability to council through quarterly reporting, funding responsibilities / requirements, and  staffing. One of its main goals (through its activities and programs) is to support the Councils Community strategic intent.  “That Moira will be a Shire where all its people and communities are happy, healthy and safe with the ability, and have the opportunity to integrate, participate, connect and contribute to their communities.”

In 2016 the Moira Shire and Moira Arts & Culture Inc. entered into a three year sponsorship agreement. The new agreements purpose was “The development of arts and culture throughout the municipality of Moira Shire Council by the coordinated provision of arts and culture initiatives, workshops and programs.” The services of the Moira Arts & Culture Officer on the board was withdrawn and councillors were not appointed to the board.

In 2017 MAC Inc. launched a Membership Program, offering members discounted ticket prices and two free members events a year. Full details and an application form are available under the “Membership” tab on the top menu.

Board Structure

  • 10 dedicated appropriately skilled community representatives who are passionate about the impact arts and cultural development makes on regional communities – in this case Moira Shire. They will be representative of a broad skill base, art genres, cultural groups, youth, the Indigenous community and geographical spread across the shire.

MAC INC is a support network for individual artists and organisation involved in artistic or cultural activities within the Moira Shire.

During 2014-15 MAC Inc.’s. activities and programs have provided opportunities for over 205 artists to work in our Shire, 953+ community members the opportunity to participate in skill development and art activities, and over 6309 people the opportunity to have access to, and enjoyment of, arts and cultural activity and programs in Moira Shire.

We currently communicate to interested artists and organisations through our bi monthly newsletter called MAC INC’S E News and our Facebook page.

Please find a printable version of E News letter by clicking the link under the “E-NEWS” tab.

Should you like to subscribe to the E News simply email  submit the “Sign Up” form under the E-News tab.

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